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About Redemption

Prior to Prohibition, rye whiskey’s bold, spicy flavor connected with a generation not short on challenges. It was America’s favorite spirit at the time. While rye largely disappeared once Prohibition lifted, the character and resolve that defined Americans did not. That’s why at Redemption Whiskey we believed if we could bring true, authentic rye back, it would be appreciated just as much now as it was then. It seems we were right.

Redemption’s line-up of ‘rye-forward’ whiskeys are helping a new generation, carving its own path, discover rye at its finest. Crafted by master blender Dave Carpenter, inspired by genuine pre-prohibition recipes to bring forward truly distinctive rye notes. Varying in intensity, Redemption Whiskeys can be enjoyed on their own or in a classic cocktail.

Find your Redemption and see how the classic taste of rye will inspire you.