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Popcorn Sutton

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All about Popcorn Sutton

One of the most famous moonshiners of the 20th century, Popcorn Sutton, had a legacy that was always destined to outlive him. Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton was Tennessee’s own legendary bootlegger. Making a “run of likker” was his business, and throughout his life, Popcorn was the surly, foul-mouthed, irresistibly anachronistic moonshiner we all wanted in our lives.

Popcorn Sutton Original Small Batch Recipe is a time-honored recipe drawing on 100 years of family history. This recipe maintains all the rebel attitude of Popcorn’s less legal alcohol ventures passed down from generation to generation. Whereas Popcorn may have hand-made his concoctions and sold them out of the back of his Ford Model A, you can buy his namesake, 88-proof whiskey in legal establishments.

Distilled in Cocke County, Tennessee, the whiskey is made just a couple of miles from Popcorn’s home (as well as the woods where he distilled his own products). Three large copper pot stills and an unerring eye for quality keep things just as crisp and delicious as in Popcorn’s glory days.