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All about Patrón

Patrón is no doubt one of the best-known top-shelf tequila brands in the U.S. In 1989, founders John Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley collaborated to try and create the best tequila possible. While somewhat young compared to many tequila houses, these two entrepreneurs helped redefine the American perspective on tequila, which historically had been considered a lesser quality spirit; many American exports from Mexico at the time weren’t 100% Blue Agave.

Patrón produced one of the first high-quality, complex tequilas on the American market. Several Patrón products are on the market, from the classic Patrón Silver to the Extra Añejo (aged three years). A line of luxury tequilas, called Gran Patrón, includes the ultra-chic Burdeos, an añejo aged in Bordeaux wine barrels. The unique XO Cafe coffee liqueur is ideal for espresso martinis.

In El Nacimiento, Mexico, their distillery employs almost 2,000 people; everything is done by hand, thus requiring an extensive staff. The agave is roasted for exactly 79 hours, then crushed using a traditional method by which the agave is juiced using a volcanic stone. The final product has a clean finish and mixes effortlessly in your favorite tequila cocktails. Even with such an extensive collection, Patrón makes an effort to minimize their environmental impact and make financial contributions to their local community in the Jalisco region.