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About Old Forester

Kentucky is the birthplace of American bourbon, yet none can claim they're the original, except Old Forester. Established in 1870, Old Forester is Kentucky bourbon at its finest. For the past five generations, this family-owned distillery has handcrafted each batch of its famous bourbon to be the smoothest, purest and most satisfying option on the market, even in the face of other bourbon options. Perhaps that's why the Old Forester Mint Julep became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby in 2015 and a Double Gold Medal recipient at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. All accolades aside, Old Forester's success lies in its simple, unadulterated distillation process that's been in place for nearly 150 years. The best example of this bourbon is the 1870 Original Batch. This blended bourbon uses three barrels of hooch for an exceptional flavor profile of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus fruit and shortbread. No mixers should come near this batch, and it's at its best neat or with a single ice cube. If you're not a mixologist yet and you want the flavors of Kentucky, grab a bottle of Old Forester Mint Julep. With a pre-blended mix of classic Old Forester and refreshing garden mint, you'll be whisked away to Churchill Downs, even if it's in the comfort of your very own home.