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All about New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam vodka is a super-smooth, widely distributed brand. The high-quality taste and texture result from the extensive distilling and filtering process and its affordability means you can mix it with your favorite cocktails without taking a hit to your wallet. Vodka sodas, Moscow mules and Bloody Marys just got an upgrade. Adult beverage conglomerate E&J Gallo introduced its New Amsterdam line in 2008, originally launching the brand as a gin. While still available, the gin was quickly overshadowed when the brand’s 100-proof vodka hit the market in 2011. Both liquors have a citrus-forward taste and a notably clean finish.

New Amsterdam vodkas have expanded into the flavored market as well, with nearly a dozen options from grapefruit to coconut to mango and other tropical favorites. The sleek design and nod to Old Manhattan glamour make for an effective marketing combination for millennial drinkers.

The brand found its marketing niche by partnering with prominent athletic events. The debut ad aired during the NBA finals, and the company has since teamed up with Barstool Sports and the Oakland Raiders. New Amsterdam is the National Hockey League’s official vodka, even running a sweepstake with Stanley Cup tickets as the prize.