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Milagro Tequila is defined by its ultimate balance of fresh agave taste and exquisite smoothness and is made from 100% blue agave from the Jalisco Highlands, where the finest, sweetest blue agave in the world is cultivated.

Every step in our production process is designed specifically to highlight the fresh flavor of the agave. Milagro incorporates century-old methods of cooking agave - slow-roasting piñas for an average cooking time of 36 hours using traditional brick ovens, to bring out the naturally bursting freshness and flavors of the piñas. The unique distillation process uses both pot and column stills to retain the vibrant, mouth-watering flavors of agave and impart an exquisite smoothness that compares to the finest white spirits in the world.

Freshest Margarita 

Once you taste the freshest, nothing else will do

Paloma Rosada

The Paloma. Perfected

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