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About Mighty Swell Spritzers

Sometimes you feel like something a bit more flavorful than a beer, yet the sweetness and overwhelming flavor of a hard cider just doesn't suit your fancy. And wine coolers? The sands of time took care of them. Enter the world of hard spritzers, a delightful middle ground for those who prefer fruit that comes from the beer cooler instead of the produce aisle.

Mighty Swell is not just a product name but a description as well. This company, aptly based out of Austin, Texas, crafts a unique product that's lightly carbonated, not too sweet (with a mere 4 grams of sugar per can, coming in at a breezy 120 calories) and packing a punchy ABV of 5 percent.

Mighty Swell begins with a flavorful low-alcohol Florida wine that's brewed from orange peels. All-natural flavors are then added. Unlike some ciders, hard lemonades and mixed cocktails out there, Mighty Swell uses only pure cane sugar and is always gluten-free. You'll never find a hint of dyes, artificial flavors, sodium benzoate or high-fructose corn sugar in any of their fine products.

Drizly is happy to offer several Mighty Swell flavors. If you can't decide between lemon, mango, watermelon mint, peach or grapefruit, pick up a variety pack and have yourself a taste test!