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All About Mitcher's

We here at Drizly love a good history lesson, especially when fine whiskey is involved. Michter's story begins with a Swiss Mennonite farmer named John Shenk. His was the name that would grace the company later known as Michter's Distillery. Way back in 1753, John Shenk launched the business in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania, using local rye grain to craft an elixir that soon became a legend. During the years of the Revolutionary War, General George Washington himself journeyed to the distillery to purchase libations for his troops as they endured that historic brutal winter at Valley Forge. The distillery went through some rough times throughout the years. It endured name changes, different owners, closure due to Prohibition and eventual bankruptcy. By the 1950s it had been rechristened Michter's thanks to an owner named Lou Forman. Michter's was a combination of his son's names, Michael and Peter. This new moniker would endure even as the defunct company was resurrected in the 1990s. Kentucky was to be the new home of the Michter's brand — a perfect choice for a perfect American legend. Michter's spirits are among the finest in the world and Drizly boasts a full line of offerings. From single barrel ryes to 25-year bourbons, we're bound to have a perfect Michter's match for any palate and price point.