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300 years of passion and audacity has built the legacy that is Martell, the oldest of the great Cognac houses. From Jean Martell’s initial search for the world’s finest eaux-de-vie, to the 2017 release of Martell’s trailblazing Blue Swift, the audacity of a great house never rests.

Martell’s hallmark style – delicate notes of candied fruit and plum – has made them a staying force in the spirits world. Their cognac is exceptionally smooth, complemented by the subtle sweetness of vanilla and toasted oak from the casks, with a rounded taste and unique character.

VSSD Sidecar

A refreshing cognac cocktail with a touch of citrus. Add a twist with some pomegranate juice and bitters.

Swift Margarita

This sophisticated spin on the classic margarita delivers smooth, balanced flavors with citrus and honey notes to get the night started in style.

 Swift Old Fashioned

Swapping out rye for Martell Blue Swift adds some sophisticated sweetness to this take on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail.

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