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About Leopold Bros

Family owned and operated, the Leopold Bros. distillery brings time-honored traditions back to life. These spirits are carefully crafted with an eye to the finer elements of flavor and distillation. All-natural ingredients make these spirits as authentic as possible, so you'll get the sophisticated sipping experience that you're after. You don't have to forego your modern comforts to enjoy a smooth whiskey with historic charm. The Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey and Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey are barreled at 98 proof, the Pre-Prohibition standard. Make your dinner party the talk of the neighborhood with a worldly aperitivo to start the meal in the traditional European style. The Leopold Bros. aperitivo is the first American take on this beverage. Give your cocktails a truly distinctive twist and unleash the green fairy with a touch of Absinthe Verte. Leopold Bros. also crafts fine gins, liqueurs and its own Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka, so you'll find no shortage of supplies to stock your liquor cabinet. Enjoy the careful crafting and exquisite attention to detail that's signature to all Leopold Bros. products.