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All about Johnnie Walker

If you’re a fan of whiskey, you know Johnnie Walker well. This is scotch whiskey living its best life. It’s that sweet liquid lover, that husky-voiced seducer that steers you clear of inferior whiskeys and brings you home to the good stuff.

Story time. It was 1819 when young Johnnie Walker’s father died. A wee lad on a farm in Kilmarnock, Scotland, John was dealt a tough hand — but there was no time to stand about weeping. The family farm was sold. The earnings were used to open a small grocery shop and John was put in charge of it. It was a wise move — the boy had a knack for business. But his true genius was in the art of whiskey. He blended together the line of single malts he had on sale to create a consistent, delicious whiskey. His customers took note and made it a hot-selling commodity. In fact, by the time he croaked, John had left his son Alexander with a thriving business.

By 1867, Johnnie Walker’s “Old Highland Whisky” was commercially available. The square bottle came soon after, as did the unmistakable label placed at a jaunty angle of 20°. Today, the brand produces a number of different labels (Red, Black, Green, etc.) that bring delight around the world. So open a bottle and pour one out for little Johnnie.