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All about Jim Beam

If Kentucky is the castle of bourbon, Jim Beam may just be its king. It’s not just that they’ve made a bourbon so bourbon-y that its very name seems to invoke the drink itself. It’s the uncompromising quality of every bottle. It’s the whole experience of each sip. And it’s the massive amount of history leading to this over a 200-year old drink.

The Beams (then the Boehms) arrived in the Thirteen Colonies in 1740, and in 1788 moved to the frontier land of central Kentucky. Capitalizing on limestone spring water and an ideal climate, they began growing corn. Jacob Beam was also keen on putting his father’s whiskey recipe to use when there was excess corn, making a new, sweet form of whiskey-bourbon.

It all started when he decided to sell this bourbon to others. The year: 1795. Jacob sold a barrel of what he’d called Old Jake Beam Sour Mash in the newly minted state of Kentucky, and it was this drink that quickly took the local scene by storm. There were already several thousand distillers in the state by then, so the competition was fierce. Today, the company still honors its Kentucky roots, producing one of the world’s most famed and beloved bourbons.