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All about Jack Daniels

The Jack Daniels distillery in the tiny town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, is ironically located in a dry country. The Jack Daniels brand is one of the most famous whiskeys in the world, referenced in dozens of country songs and famously in Kesha’s pop hit, “TiK ToK.” The brand is associated with rock stars and southern pride, but there’s quite a lot more to the Jack Daniels story. Jack was a real person, born in the mid-1800s. He learned the whiskey-making process from Nearis Green, an enslaved man. When Daniels opened his distillery in 1866, employing Green’s recently freed sons. The story of the relationship between Daniels and Green has been recently shared by the company in an effort to address social justice issues and embrace a new generation of whiskey drinkers.

Jack Daniels is distilled using copper stills, then dripped slowly through packed sugar maple charcoal. After maturing in oak barrels for varying lengths of time. The original blend, a caramel-colored, sweeter whiskey, is called Old No. 7. The Tennessee Apple variety is a blend of real apple liqueur and the original product. Similar blends feature honey liqueur and cinnamon liqueur. The line includes several products like Winter Jack, a hard whiskey-based cider and pre-made canned cocktails mixed with the signature whiskey. Jack Daniels can be used in all your favorite whiskey cocktails and is a staple at any bar around the world.