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All about Hornitos

In the tequila world, there’s bold, and then there’s Hornitos. This tequila was simply born bold. We’re talking bold flavors, bold branding and bold ideas. For instance, we all enjoy a lively swig of Reposado tequila, but did you know that Hornitos literally invented it? Or that this brand had to stand up to the government of Mexico to set the bar for quality in tequila?

It all began in 1950 on the anniversary of Mexican Independence Day. It was in the city of Jalisco, Mexico that Don Francisco decided the best way to make a mark on the world of tequila was to innovate fearlessly. He did so by completely changing the way the drink was made. Instead of making tequila in one large batch, Don Francisco realized that cooking the agaves in small, individual ovens could allow a more carefully crafted tequila. He did it. And it changed tequila forever.

Hornitos is made using 100% pure blue Mexican agave — the benevolent Walter White of the tequila world. Don Francisco was so adamant about his new quality standards that he successfully convinced the government of Mexico to recognize his process as the gold standard. Today, whether you open a bottle of Reposado, Silver or Sauza Plata, you’re enjoying that same degree of quality.