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All about Hennessy

French distiller Hennessy has been a household name since the 1700s. No joke. Richard Hennessy, an Irish military officer, made the bold choice of starting a cognac distillery in 1765. It was his son who named it Jas Hennessy & Co in 1813. And despite being of Irish stock, the company makes their famous cognac in the Cognac region of France.

The cognac made by Hennessy is so reliable, consistent and delicious that people often refer to cognac as “Hennessy.” Their bottling is divine and their quality consistent across their entire product line. Anyone who’s ever opened a bottle of their V.S. (Very Special) knows that this is a company that doesn’t take its legacy lightly. In fact, the company even became spearheaded in 1970 by Kilian Hennessy, the fifth-generation descendant of its founder. This man is a bit of a legend — he was on the company’s board until his death at age 103.

So it’s safe to say some serious pride and history is happening in Hennessy. Browse our catalog and you’ll find page after page of irresistible offerings — have fun choosing!