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All about Grey Goose

You know Grey Goose because you are a person who doesn’t live under a rock. And though Grey Goose is arguably the king of vodkas, lining shelves from Auckland to Moscow, Greenland to Antarctica, they haven’t lost that spirit that made them so special in the first place. It all started with a guy named Sidney Frank, who in 1997 created the brand in the world’s gastronomy capital, France. Frank brought on Francois Thibault as its Maître de Chai (Cellar Master) and immediately began collaborating to create something new. The rule? There would be only two ingredients. Francois’ training as a cognac cellar master and the availability of natural spring water and Picardie winter wheat created what has become a gold standard in wonderful vodka. All of it is made in France and remains 100% traceable, from the crops used to the cork. It builds on the work of 11 generations of farmers.

Grey Goose comes in its original form as well as Strawberry & Lemongrass, Watermelon & Basil and many more. Enjoy, mon ami!