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About Glenmorangie

Your tastebuds will travel back to mid-18th century Scotland when you sample Glenmorangie. This legendary distillery has been crafting the same flawless Scotch whisky for nearly two centuries. The distillery was founded in the rolling verdant hills of the Scottish Highlands in 1843. The founder, William Matheson, was a genius/magician who began crafting what many consider to be the finest single malt whisky on the planet. To this day, Glenmorangie boasts Scotland's finest aging casks, tallest stills and most dedicated artisans. The tall stills are to ensure that only the purest and lightest vapors reach the top. Glenmorangie's stills tower well over 25 feet high. Their fine aging casks are only used twice and then discarded, ensuring that the most possible oaky goodness makes its way into the liquid. Drizly is proud to carry Glenmorangie whiskies for any occasion. Choose from their original 10-year for cocktails and everyday sipping or their 42-year 1974 single-malt for which some people would trade their souls (or at least their classic cars). If you're looking for a fine Scottish whisky with a Madeira wood finish or one that's been infused with notes of dessert wines, Glenmorangie has something for you.