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Moët Hennessy and HBO Max have partnered to bring you new ways to entertain at home, pairing drink ideas with the latest films and series.

Throw your own Mixer while you watch designers compete to see whose streetwear keeps them in the mix on The Hype. Get inspired as you entertain at home with original mixed cocktails from X by Glenmorangie that let you be bold, be original, and be you.

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Ten streetwear visionaries elevate their designs & entrepreneurial hustle to prove their brand is worthy of the hype.

X by Glenmorangie

Scotch Whisky

X by Glenmorangie is a single malt made for mixing. Aged in Ex-Bourbon and New Charred Oak Casks, X was crafted in partnership with mixologists to create a whisky with sweeter and richer taste.

$16.49 - $90.29

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X by Glenmorangie

X Lemonade

X Lemonade, featuring X by Glenmorangie, puts a sophisticated spin on summer's most classic drink. Familiar and sweet, with a hint of floral Elderflower cordial, this cool concoction will freshen you up before your date night begins.

X Spritz

Featuring X by Glenmorangie, X Spritz is classic, and refined, with a pop of bittersweet flavor notes.

X Lavender Strawberry Iced Tea

The X Lavender Strawberry Iced Tea, featuring X by Glenmorangie is sweet, colorful, and totally unexpected.


with X by Glenmorangie

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