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All about Four Roses

There’s a lot happening in the world of fine Kentucky bourbon, but Four Roses proves that it’s possible to stand out when you have over 130 years of bourbon-making history behind you. Four Roses remains the only bourbon distillery known to man that creates this kind of bourbon: a combination of five proprietary yeasts and two distinct mash bills. From that, they are able to handcraft 10 unique types of bourbon, each offering up its own distinct flavors, character and spiciness. These are hand-blended in various iterations to create Four Roses Bourbon, with Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon composed of six of them.

The romance of this bourbon began with actual romance. Back in the late 1800s, the founder of the distillery, Paul Jones, Jr., fell head over heels for a gorgeous southern belle. When he sent her a marriage proposal, her response left him in suspense: she said if she were to answer yes, she’d show up at the upcoming grand ball with a corsage of roses on her gown. You can probably guess what happened (and how many roses she wore).

If you’re hankering for award-winning, hand-crafted bourbons straight from the belly of the beast, you can do no better than Four Roses.