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All about Everclear

If you’re looking for the do-gooder alcohol, Everclear ain’t it. It’s the bad boy. It’s the rebel, the outlaw, the ne’er-do-well. Put simply, it ain’t the type of liquor you bring home to Mom.

Everclear is a grain alcohol produced by Luxco, and it is the highest alcohol content you can (or can’t) buy on a liquor store shelf. It comes in 120, 151, 189 and 190 proof ABVs, and due to its take-no-prisoners approach in this regard, it’s got a somewhat notorious reputation. Case in point: the 190 proof variety was considered too much in certain US states, which then prohibited it from being sold. So what did Everclear do? They released a 189 proof bottle.

You can’t help but love them. Everclear is a rectified spirit — literally just distilled grain, plain and simple. And though its alcohol content makes it great for many purposes (stove fuel, antiseptic and astringent included), it’s also a fabulous base for practically any drink you could ever want to make. Make some peach moonshine. Try it for neutral-flavored cocktails. The sky’s the limit!