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Evan Williams Whiskey

Evan Williams is an enigma in the bourbon world. The bottle looks unabashedly similar to Jack Daniels, and while the debate rages about which one is better, know this: Evan Williams is the original Kentucky bourbon.

Over 80 years before JD, Evan Williams was brewing his own sophisticated version of the famed Kentucky export, unknowingly turning himself into a one-man bourbon wrecking crew of sorts. He was a famous politician, and when he started bringing his creations to meetings, he apparently got stuff done. But Williams was an entrepreneur first and politician second. He got to making his bourbon on the banks of the Ohio River, and since then, few things have changed about the distillation process.

Since 1783, Kentuckians and people who know bourbon have turned to the Evan Williams label for its smooth, rich texture and assortment of flavors and ages. The original Evan Williams ages for a minimum of four years, but you won't find a date on the bottle. That's because if it isn't up to the quality standards, it sits longer until it's ready to rock.

For something different, grab a bottle of peach, fire, honey or cherry flavors. Alternatively, the eggnog makes a great holiday addition. With Evan Williams in hand, you're always ready for the occasion.