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Truly unique, and steeped in history, El Tesoro is one of the last known tequilas to fully embrace the traditional tequila making process. A tequila crafted with knowledge passed down through centuries and infused with the passion of its makers, El Tesoro honors Don Felipe Camarena, the man who established La Alteña Distillery in 1937. Today his grandson, Carlos Camarena, oversees production. Just like his grandfather, he is passionate about agave and fiercely protective of his traditional methods.

Every decision, every part of the painstaking process, is done in celebration of this unique treasure. Shunning efficiency in favor of a commitment to meticulous care and attention to detail - El Tesoro® is a precious tequila, waiting to be discovered.

El Tesoro Ranch Water

A classic staple, the simplicity of combining El Tesoro Blanco with soda water and  lime, brings out the herbal notes of the tequila. Stir the crushed ice continually to keep the cocktail chilled.

El Tesoro Yellow Spiced

Heat and passion blended. When the sweetness of agave is combined with the heat of  chili pepper, the result immediately appeals to the palate. These serrano peppers from Puebla are slightly hotter than jalapeños, but they add a hint of excitement to the passionfruit puree and lime juice. Chili pepper always works with Reposado, bringing out the earthy, peppery notes of the tequila.

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