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All about Effen

EFFEN's the name, and smooth’s the game. In the vodka world, of course, being smooth is a minimum requirement for entry. But even so, the Dutch distiller — and yes, their name does mean “smooth” — is peddling some baby’s bottom, rabbit pelt, wait-did-that-person-just-flirt-with-me smoothness.

Holland’s super-premium vodka uses a patent-protected distillation process. The company started in 1888 when Hero Jan Hoodhoudt (let that sink in) found that you could create alcohol out of grain. Though Hero was a baker, his discovery created a whole new way of thinking about vodka — as well as a whole new business for his family. He died just before the turn of the century, but his family didn’t stop practicing his new distillation method.

The EFFEN we know and love today has a sleek bottle with a fully modern aesthetic and is popular everywhere from fast-paced nightclubs to laid-back mixers on the beach. Open the bottle, though, and you’re tasting the innovations of a hero named Hero from well over a century ago. Whether you line up some shot glasses or use it as the base for delicious cocktails, this vodka is just awesome.