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E&J Brandy

Founded in 1975, E&J has consistently sought to challenge the decades-long enjoyment of simple brandy. The company appreciates and celebrates brandy's rich tradition as a nightcap and digestif, but it also wants to push the envelope. Those are the kinds of folks we can get behind.

Flavored alcohol doesn't eliminate the taste of the original spirit. Instead, it enhances it while adding additional flavors to the liquor. E&J makes several flavor-infused brandies that will expand your palate and make you the hit of your next party.

For a sweeter brandy, try E&J's fruit-flavored varieties. Apple- and peach-flavored brandies bring with them the complex flavors of the fruits themselves without overwhelming the distilled wine.

If you're more of a purist, go with E&J Gold Brandy. It's aged seven years in wooden caskets and features a sinfully pleasant aroma. It's also highly affordable and delicately balances flavors of orange blossom and spice.

Serve your E&J brandy in a traditional snifter to fully enjoy its aroma and appeal. Add a garnish if you like, sit back and enjoy.