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All about E&J

California brandy wouldn’t be what it is without E&J, but neither would California wine. Those initials stand for the names of Ernest and Julio Gallo, two brothers who in 1933 set up their eponymous winery in Modesto, California. That facility remains to this day a still-functioning gold standard of winemaking in the state, the country and the world. Their Very Superior Old Pale cognac, which doesn’t specify an age but is older than their Very Superior cognac, is crafted, blended and bottled on-site in California. The same goes for their other creations. The E&J name is proudly stamped on numerous varietals of wine as well as oak-barrel brandies, ports, spritzers and much more.

E&J continues to be a family-run business and with nearly five decades of experience behind them, they continue to get bolder and better. From their grape selection to their aging process and blending, this is a crew that knows what it likes (and what you like, too).

Serve your E&J brandy in a traditional snifter to fully enjoy its aroma and appeal. Add a garnish if you like, sit back and enjoy.