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About Don Ramon

When you're ready to get the party started in the classiest way possible, look no further than Casa Don Ramón. This tequila maker has been producing bottles of the good stuff since 1996. Since the distillery first opened, Don Ramón has used 100 percent blue agave to produce its tequila, maturing the liquor for at least four months before bottling. The white oak barrels give each bottle the label's signature robust flavor.

Today, Don Ramón continues to follow its tried-and-true recipe to produce tequilas that pack a punch while maintaining their easy drinkability. In fact, the only thing that's changed over the years is the label's growing product line.

If you're new to this brand, you'll want to start with El Aguijón Platinum Tequila, which features extra sparkle, thanks to the silver flakes — drinkable, of course. For a more mature bottle, pick up a bottle of El Aguijón Añejo Tequila, which has a full-bodied bouquet and a rich golden hue. El Aguijón Extra Añejo Tequila boasts even more character and spice with an elegant finish, while Reserva Don Ramón features pleasantly woody notes thanks to at least nine months of aging in French red oak barrels.