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All about DeKuyper

If you’re looking for seafaring spirits and liqueurs with over 300 years of history in their wake, look no further than DeKuyper. Located in the Netherlands, DeKuyper has been in operation since 1695 — no joke — making them older than the steam engine, the piano and many of the laws of physics.

DeKuyper started out as the brainchild of Petrus De Kuyper and stuck to creating the barrels and casks used to transport alcoholic beverages. However, the family quickly transitioned into distilling their libations, and by 1752 owned their distillery in Schiedam. Their exports expanded through the next century, which saw their products reach numerous European markets and Canada. DeKuyper was always systematic in its approach, the way an excellent Dutch company should be, and by the mid-1900s, its roster of flavors (particularly its liqueurs) had expanded worldwide.

Today you can enjoy their liqueurs as well as their Schnapps, fruit brandies and ready-to-drink shots. Of course, each one of these comes in so many flavors you’ll never have to worry about running out — but what else would you expect from a company that’s been experimenting since before the Age of Enlightenment?