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All about Cruzan

Drinking rum evokes classic cocktails like a Dark ’n’ Stormy or a fruity daiquiri, but Cruzan Rum has a storied history that transcends those over-priced hotel staples. Cruzan can trace its centuries-old roots to a small, Caribbean island named St. Croix. Locals are proudly Cruzan, and the rum that shares the name is still made on the island. Sugarcane, which was once the primary crop of St. Croix, is juiced and distilled through a process that removes nearly all impurities. Then, the final product is aged between one and 12 years, creating a lightly golden or deep amber liquor.

Cruzan is still a family-owned company, with eight generations involved in its production. Today, the brand is part of a parent company, Beam Suntory. Cruzan Rum is aged in oak barrels previously used for Jim Beam bourbon. Everything from the locally sourced ingredients and careful distillation and aging process help creates a delicious rum. While rum-based cocktails are popular for tropical vacationers and poolside service, you can sip Cruzan without any mixers. The flavor is rich and clean, and Cruzan is surprisingly affordable given its quality.

Today, like many major liquor brands, Cruzan has expanded its line to include fun flavors and top-shelf, exclusive labels. They’ve also developed their socially conscience efforts, donating $1 for every bottle of its Hurricane Proof line to relief projects for 2017’s Category Five Hurricane Maria.