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About Compass Box

Compass Box is a fine producer and bottler of blended Scotch whiskies. In fact, they coined the term “whiskymaker," which sounds like a dream job worth making up. Headquartered in Chiswick in west London, Compass Box Whisky was founded by American entrepreneur John Glaser in 2000. As a former marketing director at Johnnie Walker, Glaser knew what constituted good Scotch whisky, and that fact is evident in everything the company has produced. As self-professed whiskeymakers, the folks at Compass Box Whisky work with a wide range of partners to source and mature Scotch whisky. The process includes everything from obtaining the best cooperage oak from France and Missouri, to individually toasting every cask used in the whisky blends. The brand's signature whisky, Hedonism, is a blended grain whisky with aromas and flavors of caramel, vanilla, coconut and fruitiness. It appeals to both whisky newcomers and enthusiasts alike, making it a popular choice around the globe. In addition to Hedonism, Compass Box offers a malt whisky collection, a single-malt line and a number of limited editions, appealing to just about every whisky drinker.