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All about Codigo 1530

Código 1530 has a secret to share. It’s the answer to the question: In Mexico, the capital of tequila, what is the tequila that in-the-know people drink?

The answer has been a privileged secret among a select group of families and jimadors. These lucky few have tasted El Tequila Privado, which originates from a small distillery in Amatitán. It’s a distillery that’s never had any pressure to commercialize, receiving all the support it needs from those families that enjoy its wares. The family has produced it for many, many years, never altering los códigos (the codes) that make it the best on earth. In fact, Código 1530’s name pays homage to the customs of the old world that continue to live on in Amatitán today.

Most people will probably never hear of Código 1530. That’s okay, they prefer it that way. Their goal is to keep the quality high and the production like it’s always been: a product of their hands and hearts.