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All about Ciroc

When vodka is described as a premium spirit, you can expect an elevated taste experience. When you drink Ciroc vodka, you’re enjoying a luxury brand. Ciroc, as its name suggests, is a French company founded in 2003. While relatively modern, the brand relies on its otherwise traditional process and attention to detail. Jean-Sebastien Robicquet created Ciroc using centuries of inspiration from his familial connections to the Bordeaux region. It doesn’t get much more elegant than that.

Robicquet was a winemaker by trade, so it’s not surprising to learn that Ciroc actually starts as a wine. Most vodkas are made from grains and potatoes, but not Ciroc. Using grape varieties local to the Bordeaux region, mauzac blanc and ugni blanc, Ciroc is a truly grain-free liquor. It’s then distilled five times, a lengthy process that contributes to its distinctly citrus flavor. Ciroc is crisp, clean and best served ice cold. While the original vodka has some subtle fruity notes, Ciroc expanded on its product to craft nearly a dozen unique flavors: peach, coconut, mango, apple, red berry, pineapple, French vanilla, watermelon, white grape and citrus. Ciroc has also developed a French brandy named Ciroc VS.

Ciroc partnered with Sean Combs (Diddy) in the early 2000s, and it quickly evolved into a celebrity liquor. Musicians DJ Khaled and French Montana have starred in marketing campaigns and contributed to new flavors. Today, Ciroc is ever-popular whether mixed in cocktails or sipped neat, and the brand persists as a top-shelf vodka. Feel like a celeb when you order yours through Drizly today!