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Chivas Whisky

With roots dating back to 1801, Chivas is one of the oldest Scottish Highland blended whiskies, crafted in the oldest Highlands distillery. This dedication to old-school distilling methods and the experience to produce only the best Scotch whiskies is evident every time you crack open a bottle. For over 100 years, Chivas was a name that only Scotsmen uttered, until it reached New York City in 1909. From there, Chivas Regal Whisky erupted into a global phenomenon, and today, over 4.4 million cases go through the hands of Scotch whisky connoisseurs.

The best part about Chivas is that it's perfect for every scenario. When you're hanging out with friends, a bottle of Chivas 12 Year is the ideal partner. For a college graduation or business deal, Chivas 12 Year does the trick. Where excitement or life events happen, Chivas Whisky is there as an ally — and a brilliantly good one at that.