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All About Captain Morgan

Rum will forever have a swashbuckling air about it, and Captain Morgan has played no small role in that narrative. Without a shadow of a doubt, Captain Morgan is the very personification of rum: a brand that’s at once untidy yet refined, raucous yet debonair, able to hang at any social strata without any shade of awkwardness.

The brand’s spiced rum is famous worldwide for its delectable burn and warm-fuzzy-happy-fun-time vibes. The brand based its roguish mascot on one Sir Henry Morgan, a 1600s sea captain born in Wales. He arrived by one means or another in the West Indies in 1655, working as a soldier and sailor. By 1662, he had his own vessel, and by 1667, he was attacking Spanish vessels and seizing their cargo and reclaiming Spanish settlements for the Crown. For all these shenanigans, he was both arrested and knighted.

Captain Morgan makes their rum in the U.S. Virgin Islands, maintaining the drink’s Caribbean roots and their spot as one of the largest liquor brands in the United States and worldwide. From their various flavored rums to their Private Stock and clear rums, everything comes down to the little details for the Captain. All their rum is distilled from sugar cane, with the various characteristics of each product determined by the method, fermentation yeasts, aging and blending — and those sweet spices indigenous to the islands in the Caribbean, of course.