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All about Canteen Spirits

Canteen Spirits’ canned vodka sodas are everything you want in a pre-mixed cocktail. Zero carbs, zero grams of sugar and just 99 calories, Canteen Spirits are a great fit for outdoor adventures and days spent at the beach. Refreshing yet satisfying, these cocktails won’t leave you with that over-sweet aftertaste you often find in other pre-made brands. Instead, Canteen Spirits uses real vodka and sparkling water. They are gluten-free, sodium-free and use non-GMO ingredients. Canteen Spirits are available in six-packs and seven vodka soda flavors: pineapple, cucumber mint, black cherry, ruby red grapefruit, strawberry, lime and watermelon. A gin spritz has also joined the line-up.

Trendy and sustainably-minded, it’s no surprise to discover that Canteen Spirits is yet another successful alcohol brand with roots in Austin, Texas. In 2019, Brandon Cason (co-founder of Waterloo Sparkling Water), Daniel Barnes and Caroline Fabacher, all well-established players in the beverage industry, decided to create a healthier, canned adult beverage. Investors from across the southern music scene quickly jumped at the opportunity to be part of the brand, and recently, Anheuser-Busch InBev signed a major distribution deal with the company, helping expand the brand across the US.