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Cabo Wabo

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Cabo Wabo Tequila

Crafted from a family-owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, Cabo Wabo Tequila is Mexico's most-famous export at its finest. It all began when rock legend Sammy Hagar searched for a unique house tequila at his Cabo Wabo restaurant. He ended up finding a 100-percent blue agave tequila that's smooth and crisp from start to finish without the cringe found in lower-grade tequilas.

Cabo Wabo comes in four types, but each is made from the thickest part of the Weber blue agave plant. This instills a raw, unfiltered and agave-heavy flavor, free from the impurities of other tequila brands. Blanco is the unadulterated version of Cabo Wabo, while the spice and sweetness from barrel-aged Anejo and Reposado varieties can turn you into a tequila aficionado with one drink.

Shots is the preferred method of most tequilas, but Cabo Wabo beckons for a more sophisticated approach. Straight, on the rocks or in a finely mixed margarita, Cabo Wabo pops. It's a perfect tequila for closing a business deal, celebrating Cinco de Mayo or relaxing on the patio.

Every sip you take will bring you one step closer to the sapphire blue waters of Baja California — all courtesy of the Red Rocker.