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All about Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace is a household name among bourbon lovers around the world. Based in Frankfurt, Kentucky, the Buffalo Trace brand has been distilling bourbon whiskey for over 200 years. Their product starts with locally sourced grains that are carefully inspected in the Buffalo Trace laboratory. Their process is no doubt meticulous, but the result is a consistent, top-notch product.

The oak barrels in which the whiskey ages are lovingly tended to, ensuring the liquor soaks in flavor from the wood. Buffalo Trace has several structures in which the barrels age, the climate is carefully monitored throughout the Kentucky winter. These small details add up to a label that has won major awards, including Distiller of the Year and Brand Innovator of the Year. What’s more, the Buffalo Trace distillery is recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

While the Buffalo Trace name has since expanded to include several different brands, the flagship product remains their Kentucky Bourbon. Each bottle features the brand’s iconic buffalo, meant to evoke the early pioneers notable in Kentucky lore. The bourbon has a deep flavor, carrying notes of vanilla, oak and molasses. While the exact recipe is kept secret, Buffalo Trace follows a classic bourbon-making process, but with their exacting techniques and pure Kentucky water, you’ll appreciate their fondness for tradition.