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Bruichladdich Distillery

It might have a funny name, but Bruichladdich is the real deal. Famous for single-malt scotch, Bruichladdich makes cuvees from 100 percent Scottish barley and blends them from several casks to achieve the ideal combination of flavors. Professionals sample liquid from every vat, testing for mouthfeel, nose, eye and taste.

If you're new to Bruichladdich whisky, we recommend starting with The Classic Laddie. It's an unpeated Scotch whisky with floral notes and complex flavor. Pair it with your favorite grilled dish, or enjoy it as a nightcap.

You might also like the Bruichladdich Islay Barley Rockside Farm, which is another single-malt offering made from multiple casks. The complex flavor arises from the distillers' dedication to carefully selecting which samples to bring together. It's ideal for sharing with a few of your best pals, but don't let them sneak off with the bottle.

Hailing from the Isle of Islay in Scotland, the bottles you'll find in this collection are made with original machinery from the Victorian era. The old-world distillery prides itself on producing handcrafted single-malt whiskeys with maximum flavor and mouthfeel. Sláinte!