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All About Bowmore Whisky

Widely regarded as Scotland's Whisky, Islay is home to fewer than 4,000 residents, yet eight of the world's finest single malt distilleries. The first Bowmore Distillery was established in 1779. Bowmore is the most perfectly balanced of all the island's malts and there is no truer reflection of the whisky island's character as it showcases just the right amounts of smoke, salt, citrus and vanilla to conjure up the true taste of Islay.

Why Bowmore Whisky?

A mid-range Islay Single Malt, with its peat smoke and Atlantic sea-salt brinneries, every dram of Bowmore emobdies the very essence of Islay in a glass. Islay malts are reowned for their peaty smokiness and Bowmore is no exception. We carefully smoke our malt in a peat-fired kiln, just as our ancestors did over 200 years ago. Bowmore® Single Malt is widely acknowledged to be among the finest and most perfectly-balanced in the world.