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All about Booker's

Hold onto yer stirrups, folks, because it’s time for Booker’s Bourbon. This is in the running for the Holy Grail of bourbons. Every year, this Clermont, Kentucky distillery releases just a few batches of its sweet amber nectar on an undeserving world, gracing distracted masses with a flavor and profile so pure that it’s no wonder it’s considered the “best ever.”

Why Booker's Bourbon?

The distillery doesn’t guarantee anything except quality. The standards of this bourbon are excruciatingly high and if Mother Nature says that barrel won’t be ready for another month, so be it. Booker’s does not negotiate and it sure as hell doesn’t apologize. Aged in charred oak barrels, it is a barrel-strength bourbon that’s uncut, unfiltered (well, just enough to prevent chunks of oak from winding up in your drink), unwatered and un-added-to.

What's the Booker's difference?

These barrels are aged in the dead center of the rackhouse where humidity and temperature are perfect. The flavors are deep and more intense than you can probably imagine unless you have already tried Booker’s, which is why you’re right back here again. Enjoy.