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About Bird Dog

We appreciate all types of drinkers. From the purists who want nothing but straight elixirs to those who indulge in a rainbow of flavors, Bird Dog truly has something for everyone. This Kentucky distillery truly aims to please the discerning whiskey-sipping masses. Bird Dog is a relatively young brand that debuted in 2009 with a single release, a blackberry-flavored whiskey. When word spread about this tasty and affordable offering, Bird Dog followed suit with their hot cinnamon and peach bourbons. In an unusual twist (pun intended) on your typical distillery, Bird Dog released their line of unflavored whiskeys later in the game with great acclaim from the aforementioned purist crowd. Each bottle of Bird Dog is graced with the image of a different hunting dog. German Shorthaired Pointers, Irish Setters and others are honored on these labels, and the dogs' histories can be explored on the Bird Dog website. Mixologists will appreciate the drink recipes provided on the backs of the bottles. At Drizly, we're happy to offer a full line of Bird Dog whiskeys. Check out their Devil Dog Liqueur with notes of cayenne and cocoa, their award-winning jalapeno honey blend and their amazing Crazy Dog Herbal Liqueur with natural anise. Chocolate, peach, cinnamon, apple and several more are all ready to please your palate.