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Imagine a place where farmland meets forest, and people live by the land. Where deep woodland aromas mingle with wildflowers in sunlit fields. Where the time is measured by the ebb and flow of frigid winters, muddy springs, balmy summers, and colorful autumns. This is our inspiration, and the heart of our mindful approach to distilling. The land spurs our creativity and serves as a guide on our quest to produce flawless Landcrafted spirits. Welcome to Barr Hill.

Bee's Knees

The phrase “bee’s knees” was prohibition-era slang for “the best.” A true classic, The Bee’s Knees was born from the Prohibition era and combines gin, lemon, and honey.

Tom Cat Old Fashioned

Consisting of spirit, sugar, bitters and ice, the Old Fashioned is the first drink to ever bear the name ‘Cocktail’ (c. 1806).

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