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All about Baileys

If you’ve ever enjoyed Baileys, you know that their trademark cream liqueur is second-to-none. This blend of aged Irish whiskey, top-quality spirits, chocolate and Irish dairy cream has come to be loved worldwide as a singularly unique way to drink alcohol.

It all started in the 1970s when two Irish visionaries thought to combine the two most beloved exports of their country: Irish whiskey and rich dairy cream. The resulting beverage didn’t give up its secrets easily. They worked for two years trying to nail the correct recipe, adding chocolate, vanilla and high-end spirits along the way. Today, the brand is responsible for supporting local dairy farmers by purchasing 200 million liters of fresh milk (enough for ~3.3 billion Bailey's milkshakes).

Baileys doesn’t simply head for some mega-farm where milk comes cheap — they have stayed true to their commitment to buying from small, local farmers. Then comes the Irish whiskey, an art in Ireland for the past thousand-plus years. By adding further spirits in just the right proportion and touching up the whole mixture with chocolate, vanilla and other ingredients, the Baileys we all know and love is born.