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About Bacardi

With a name that’s synonymous with rum (and one that made an unintentional marketing coup by rhyming with “party”), Bacardi is simply a force of nature in the alcohol beverage world. Their legacy extends back to 1862. A man with the impressive name of Don Facundo Bacardí Massó de Cuba, fittingly located in Cuba, began distilling a light-bodied, smooth rum in a new distillery. The rum’s reputation soon spread across the globe, winning a gold medal in Barcelona in 1888 and earning a permanent seat at the table of the rich and famous.

By the turn of the century, people were mixing Bacardi in a million creative ways. Lime juice, ice shavings, sugar, coconuts, Coca-Cola … you name it, people were doing it. The Cuba Libre was invented around this time, as was the Daiquiri. The company soon expanded to Spain and the USA, where it survived Prohibition by enticing travelers to head to Cuba. And once they got there, you’ll no doubt guess what their beverage of choice was. The company even erected a skyscraper in downtown Havana and had a dedicated salesman introduce guests to Bacardi!

Today, Bacardi’s rum products are more than just products — they’re a piece of history. The Bacardi family continues to lead the way in making fine rum.