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Avion Tequilas

With the endless amount of tequila out there, crafting the world's best-tasting version seems like a pipe dream, yet that's just what Avion Tequila set out to do. Mission accomplished. Distilled from blue agave grown in the highest elevations of Jalisco, Mexico, Avion's flavor is smooth, crisp and au naturel. Every batch of the tequila is handmade using local distilling methods passed on over several generations. Unlike its contemporaries, Avion's blue agave grows for seven to 10 years until maturity, and when distilled, this tequila uses 30 percent more agave for an authentic mix of smoky, roasted, agave-heavy flavor.

Small batches also allow Avion to maintain total control over the process, free from cutting corners. What's left is a stunningly refreshing, sippable beverage. Don't reach for the shot glass on this one. Avion Tequila is best when served on the rocks or straight, while margaritas are the perfect drink when you want something milder.

The pure, unaged Avion Silver is a treat, but the oak-infused Reserva 44, Anejo and Reposado varieties age from six months to two years for a sophisticated, fruitier taste. For an eye-opener, head for the Avion Espresso, which blends silver tequila with roasted coffee.