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About Auchentoshan

All it takes is one sip of Auchentoshan to see why it's one of Scotland's more unique whiskies. Made in a distillery just outside of Glasgow, the name is Gaelic for "corner of the field." The distillery was built in 1800, and it's sometimes called  "the breakfast whisky" because it has a delicate and sweet nature or "Glasgow's Malt Whisky" since it's close to the city. Although the name might be hard to say, the whisky is certainly easy to drink. Part of the reason the drink is so smooth is because the company practices triple distillation, which is unusual for a Scottish distillery. Some popular products from the Auchentoshan line that you might be interested in include a single malt 21 Year Old that has been aged in Spanish sherry casks and American bourbon casks for 21 years and the Three Wood single malt that matures in three different cask types. Of course, you also can't go wrong with the American Oak, which offers a smooth taste with the sweet scent of coconut and vanilla.