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All about 99 Flavored Schnapps

99 has been warming our hearts since 1997 when they introduced their mouth-watering 99 Bananas. As the name suggests, they proudly bottle all 99-proof drinks — that’s 49.5% alcohol by volume.

This brand is all about the vibrant side of life. Name a flavor and they’ve got a bottled version ready for you: apples, butterscotch, blackberries, black cherries, cherry limeade, cinnamon, coconuts, chocolate … even the titillatingly titled “mystery flavor.” No matter which of their twentysomething liqueurs you choose from, you always know what you’re getting. You’re getting creativity. You’re getting zest and uncompromising deliciousness. And most of all, you’re getting a 99-proof drink that doesn’t knock you off your stool (in any way but the good kind).

99 is ready to show you that fruit, spice, chocolate, coffee and/or herbs are all fair game for the alcoholic beverage show. Plus, those festive bottles look absolutely amazing on your shelf at the end of the party.