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All About Liqueur

What a difference a few vowels make. Liqueur and liquor are completely different, so don't go mixing them up. Especially if you're ordering a drink. You could be not-so-pleasantly surprised. What is liqueur exactly? A good rule of thumb is that, unlike liquor, it has sugar added to it. Liqueurs are commonly sweet or syrupy, as opposed to the alcoholic taste of liquor. You can use almost anything to flavor liqueur, including fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts. And while they're typically much lower in alcohol content than liquors, check the label because you can run across a potent liqueur here or there.

How to Drink It:
Because each liqueur has a unique taste, it depends on the bottle. Some are great for sipping neat, others are perfect for cocktails or shots. They're also commonly used in cooking or as a dessert drink.
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