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Linebacker's Apple Cider

Linebacker's Apple Cider

Linebacker's Apple Cider

  • canadian whisky
  • batch
  • fruity
  • Level: Medium
  • Prep: 6 hrs

Though a linebacker could probably take down this batch recipe on his own, this is meant to be enjoyed with the whole team! 


  • 3 cups of Crown Royal Regal Apple
  • 1 gallon of Apple Cider 
  • 2 Cinnamon Sticks 
  • 4 Star Anise 
  • 4 tsp Whole Cloves 
  • 2 Oranges 
  • 2 Lemons 


  • Measuring cup
  • Bar spoon
  • Old fashioned

How to Mix

  1. Add apple cider, cinnamon sticks, star anise, whole cloves, oranges, and lemons into a slow-cooker
  2. Turn the heat on low and cook for 6-7 hours
  3. Before serving, take out all of the whole spices, oranges and lemons
  4. Pour whisky in
  5. Stir
  6. Add additional oranges, lemons, and cinnamon sticks for garnish