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All About Irish Whiskey

The word whiskey comes from the Gaelic term meaning “water of life." So the Irish are better than you at naming stuff. The sweet, smooth spirit is one of the oldest and most popular on Earth. The signature flavor is the result of two techniques. First, Irish whiskey is typically distilled three times. Second, the barely is often dried in a kiln, as opposed to over peat. That barely gives Irish whiskey it's smooth finish, compared to the earthy, smoky qualities of Scotch.

A Lot from a Little:
While you'll find Irish whiskey all over the world, there are only a few distilleries within the country. Unlike Scotland, which has an abundance of distillers, the many styles and types of Irish whisky are produced by only a handful.

How to Drink It:
It's great neat or on the rocks. Club soda and ginger ale are also excellent mixers. And you can never go wrong adding a little Jameson Irish Whiskey to your coffee. We certainly won't judge you.
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