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Drizly DIY: Making Infusions At Home

Nothing takes your cocktail to the next level quite like a fresh homemade liquor infusion. We love to get creative with quirky combinations like Turmeric, Lemon & Pineapple infused Vodka. Don’t be afraid to venture away from vodka either, other liquors like white whiskey, tequila and bourbon make great infusions as well! With fresh fruit, vegetable and herb infusions you can typically get a great amount of flavor imparted into the liquor in just a few days, which makes them perfect to mix up before your next party. Impress your guests with fresh unique combinations that will blow any bottled flavors out of the water.

This earthy, sweet and slightly tangy infusion will make you fall in love with ginger's spicy cousin Turmeric.

This herbaceous infusion of basil and fresh blueberries will send your tastebuds to the moon.

You'll be feeling 'peachy keen' after a few sips of this delightfully sweet and equally smooth bourbon infusion.

Kick your tequila game up a notch with this fresh and spicy infusion.

You know cucumber & gin are a match made in heaven, so why not sweeten the deal with a few more fresh flavors?