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A Drizly hot take: How to increase employee engagement

We know, we know, we're an on-demand alcohol marketplace, why are we talking about employee engagement? Reason number one: we have employees. Said employees are pretty great and pretty dang engaged and invested in making Drizly great for customers like you. Number two: people assume that because we work in the alcohol industry, we know how to have a good time. They're not wrong. Three: you're already here, right? May as well get something out of it.

#1: Treat ‘em like you want to be treated

Say it with us: we 👏are 👏all 👏 adults 👏. People like to be treated as such. We're all about building trust with our employees to put in the work and make the right decisions.

#2: Keep it as flexible as Jazzercisers in the ‘80s

Those dang “millennials" ✋ expect to have flexible work environments. Work better at a standing desk? Cool, good for your calves. Prefer to come in at 10 and leave at 6? As long as you're getting your ish done and making the meetings you need to make, your work schedule is yours to own. Like to sit on a couch to get your work done every now and then? Our office has two.

#3: Break down the fourth wall (that doesn’t actually make sense in this context, but work with us)

Yeah there's all sorts of debate over this whole open office environment thing, but it has absolutely helped our employees in getting to know each other better. Think about it, it's kind of hard to expect employees to engage with each other frequently if you literally put a wall between them. So we keep things open concept, and do a “great migration" once a month where we change up the seats to encourage different teams to connect.

#4: Virtual cheers are almost as good as real life cheers

They weren't kidding when they said it takes a village. Whoever “they" are is unclear, but we're buying it. We have a “cheers" channel on Slack for the Driz team to celebrate wins of their coworkers, no matter how big or small.

#5: The painting was a gift, Todd

Speaking of spreading the love, we've also set up a little thing called the Care Solve awards each month, mirrored off of our core values (we care, we solve it). At Drizly, everyone brings their A game. And sometimes, someone goes full Clark Kent. To celebrate 'em, employees are able to anonymously nominate coworkers that they think deserve either the “Care," or “Solve" award based on their contributions.

(psst: maybe you're the kind of company that likes gifts. We know we are. Quick Tip: Did you know? Drizly does gifts! Shop here for a bottle of their favorite wine or whiskey and have it delivered right to their desk on their work anniversary, promotion, or general awesomeness celebration.)

#6: Goals Goals Goals

Look, Rihanna was right. Sometimes it is all about workworkworkworkworkwork. Make sure you're clear to keep employees motivated. We walk every new employee through what we like to call the “Drizly DNA" – our vision, mission, values and core company/departmental objectives. They even get a fancy handout with all of this info. This keeps everyone on the same page and clear about how they directly contribute to the greater whole.

#7: Bring your weird

Not only does diversity in thought and experience lead to greater innovation, it also keeps the workplace interesting. Love Dungeon and Dragons? Some of our employees host a recurring D&D night. Are you a techie by day and an exercise guru by night? Another hosts monthly classes for Drizly employees at her studio. Figure out what makes your employees unique and encourage them to find ways to bring their whole selves to work.

#8: Getting to knooooow you – cred: Julie Andrews

There are all sorts of personality tests out there. We prefer Real Colors. A couple times throughout the year, we host a workshop with a bunch of employees to determine their real color or color mix. Why? It gives greater clarity around employees' personality types and how they prefer to collaborate and respond to different situations. This allows employees to more easily adapt to one another's working styles.

#9: Say it louder for the people in the back

We conduct anonymous surveys on a monthly basis to get a pulse on how employees are really feeling. While some requests or wishes may be difficult to act on (can probably ignore any requests like “I want a hot tub in the office,") make a point to show employees that they've been heard and how you'll work to make progress towards addressing actionable concerns.

#10: Celebrate

Duh. It's important to have a little fun every now and then. Celebrate a big company win with some bubbly, host a weekly happy hour or wine tasting in the office, or consider a quarterly outing to get your employees together offsite. We do a quarterly outing called “greatness awaits" – our last one was an old-school arcade night and we DOMINATED in skee ball. Getting employees together to let off some steam in or out of the office office helps promote team building and boost employee morale.
Need help with planning? Enter: Drizly White Glove Team. Simply submit our event order form and they'll take care of the rest. Or check this party planning checklist.