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Our Approach to Hiring

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where a diverse group of people can and want to do their best work. We do this through an objective, intentional hiring process. When a team identifies a business need, they come together to map out the competencies, skills and experience expected in the role.

Application stage

We ask that you remove all personal identifying information from your resume before you upload it in an effort to help us remove unconscious bias from our resume review process. We care about the time you've invested in us and we want to do the same, so once your resume gets to us, a real human will review it, we promise.

We will also invite you to complete an optional survey to help us evaluate the efficacy of our efforts in diversifying our pipeline. Completion of this survey is strictly voluntary and will be kept securely and confidentially separate from your name, candidacy and interviews.

Speak with a Talent Partner

If we find that your skills, competencies, and motivations align with what we're looking for, we will invite you to a 30-minute introductory conversation with a Talent Partner to learn more about your experience, career aspirations and give you a chance to ask questions about the company, role and team. If after this call we feel we're aligned, we'll send you a blind assessment.

Blind assessment

The next step in the process is a blind assessment that we'll use to further assess skills and competencies alignment through a brief assignment that's specific to the role. We aim to mitigate bias by having you return the assignment without any personal identifying information so we can share it “blind" with our hiring manager for the role.

Meet the hiring manager

Each blind assessment is reviewed by the hiring manager. If the assessment aligns with the skills and expectations of the role, we'll schedule a video interview. This 1-1 conversation between you and the hiring manager will dig into your past work experience using behavioral style questions that help us understand your skills, competencies and values. You'll also have a chance to ask questions to learn more about the day-to-day, expectations, managing style and more.

Meet the team

In the next, and often final, round of interviews, you'll meet members of the team you could join, cross-functional collaborators, and the hiring manager. Some teams may ask you to complete an assignment or project prior to this interview that will help them further assess skills and competencies. Interviewers will ask open-ended behavioral questions tied to role-specific competencies.

In the end, we want to learn how you solve problems, how you interact with a team, and what your strengths are.

Debrief & sharing feedback

After your final interview, the members of the interview committee will debrief to engage in discussion on evidence for each of the essential competencies and skills for the role. When it is determined that we've identified a great addition to the team, your Talent Partner will reach out to extend a verbal offer. If not, we provide final round candidates with feedback on a phone call.

Welcome to the team!

Once a written offer is sent and signed, our Human Resources team will be in touch with details on what to expect for your first day, including how to receive tools and devices, and details for new employee onboarding. We'll be excited to welcome you on day 1 as part of TeamDriz!